SFMLP is a module developed on top of SFML in C++. It adds the following features:

Transform Heirarchy

The way most SFML games handle heirarchy is to combine the render order and the transform heirarchy, I have developed my module such that they are seperated. Therefore you can have children of a transform where the sprite is rendered on top of the parent.

Render System with Culling, Named Layers and Depth

Depth isn't built into SFML and the Z-Buffer doesn't work too well for it so I implemented a two step sorting algorithm using named layers and sorting depth to get the final render order. On top of that it has a culling system which can be easily extended to cull in different ways (The default is just a simple quadtree).

Copies SFML Code Guidelines

This project keeps to SFML code guidelines to keep it consistent for users of SFML.

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