I have developed games, engines and tools since I was 15. Mainly using C++, it wasn't until I went to University at Griffith that I touched another language (Java) and not until I went to QANTM College that I touched C#. After QANTM I started an internship at N3VGames (The guys who did Fury and work on Train Simulator) which forced me to really stick with C# and start with Unity. Thanks to those guys I am where I am today! Following the internship I started a few studios where I made a few games but they ultimately failed. That's when I decided I needed more experience learning with more people. So I got my job with Bifrost Studios where I am currently employed. I work on many different projects but mostly with Unity and C#.

Please have a look at some projects to get a sense of where I am at!

Be aware, this portfolio is currently being updated!

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